Anti-war group's methods shameful

Posted: Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Veterans for Peace organization is not about getting the truth out; they are about getting "their" truth out at the exclusion of any other viewpoint. They deface and destroy recruiting literature and posters (regardless of location), tell fanciful tales of the physical and mental abuse received in basic training and attempt to disrupt local military activities that have nothing to do with recruiting.

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Their right to present their viewpoint is undisputed but their methods are as shameful as the onerous acts they ascribe to military recruiters. Military service is a sacrifice that may involve service in combat, not a jobs program.

The young people who are considering making this sacrifice are bombarded with daily tales of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, for Veterans for Peace to say that recruiters could somehow hoodwink high school students into thinking otherwise is an insult to these students.

Its a shame Veterans for Peace believes the tenets of duty, honor, country and self-sacrifice inherent in military service are concepts beyond the grasp of anyone considering enlisting.

Andy Swanston

Camp Buehring, Kuwait

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