How will fluoride decision affect teeth?

Posted: Thursday, December 14, 2006

I just want to know what the effect of not having fluoride in our water is going to have on our teeth as a community? Hopefully not like most of Europe. If this is such a horrible health risk, then why isn't this a national issue on a bigger scale. I hope it's not just part of some Berkeley-type agenda. Now if there is some real health risk, then I am all for the ban on fluoride.

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But I seem to remember that a few dentists thought this was a really bad idea? As far as I'm concerned, they are the experts. Is four to five weeks enough time to really get us ready to cut off our fluoride? I hope so. I think the scariest part of all this is that a panel of nine people had the power to change something like that.

Thankfully, they are a pretty intelligent lot so my only hope is they are not being swayed by some charismatic health freak. Everything causes cancer now days, it seems. There is a study to prove just about anything.

Steve Underwood


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