On descendants resolution, vote 'no'

Posted: Thursday, December 14, 2006

For my fellow Sealaska shareholders who may be undecided as to how they will vote regarding the descendants resolution and for those Sealaska shareholders who intend to vote "yes" or "discretionary," I believe that your "no" vote on the resolution is still necessary to preserve the rights of Sealaska's original shareholders.

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Regardless of my belief in our rights as original shareholders, I attended the Seattle Sealaska shareholders meeting and I thoughtfully listened to Sealaska's explanation of the descendant's resolution. For anyone who attended these Sealaska meetings and who still believes that Sealaska does not appear to have a vested interest in the outcome of this resolution, check the book bag that you received from Sealaska to see if either side of the bag reads, "Vote No."

My politics aside, I came away from the meeting with the belief that the resolution does not offer substantial Sealaska citizenship to affected descendants and I still believe that it will erode our rights as Sealaska's original shareholders.

For those who argue that our children are the future of Sealaska, I completely agree. Our children are Sealaska's future and when we pass on, they will inherit our citizenship in Sealaska. Perhaps that was the intent and design of Sealaska's original board of directors, of whom my father, Charles Nelson, was one.

I believe that passage of this resolution may create significant animosity between shareholders as our life-estate shareholders may never feel a part of Sealaska, especially as they see citizen shareholders exercising their right to vote and decide the future of Sealaska.

We are Sealaska and I believe that we as shareholders should vote "no" to the descendants resolution. Protect your rights as original shareholders and protect your vote, not only for yourself, but for your descendants who will inherit your vote.

Michael Nelson

McLean, Va.

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