Parks and Recreation: Youth Indoor Soccer tournament champs

Posted: Friday, December 14, 2007

12-13 Division: Team Cyclones

Coached by Emily Hewitt

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Aquino Brinson Kevin Walkenford

Hannah Edwards Leah Walsh

Johnny Joyce Michaela Walsh

Joseph Furlauto Trevor Sanders

Kaila Buerger Zachary Gianotti

14-15 Division: Team Blizzard

Coached by Tom Lawson and David Gelotte

Alex Campbell Maria Weyhrauch

Alexander Kelly Rhett Bennett

Alyssa White Saara Krook

Andy Lawson Sarah Donohoe

Ben Gelotte Zander Hoke

Joshua Pettijohn

16-18 Division: Team Vipers

Coached by Charlie Ford

Aaron Badilla David Deats

Amanda Soto Elliot Ford

Ashley Soto Erik Bick more

Benjamin Weyhrauch Joshua Smith

Brooke Bigelow Justin Aki

Curtis Perkins

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