Thanks for support following my daughter's camping injury

Posted: Sunday, December 14, 2008

On May 25, Kathy Powers, our daughter-in-law, suffered a permanent eye injury related to a campfire explosion. The Powers and Jones families want to thank the community of Juneau for all of the support our children Kathy and Tim Powers have received from the moment of the accident until now.

Special thanks go to camper and nurse CeCe Brenner and Dave DeMars for CeCe's quick action, borrowing Dave's four-wheeler to transport Kathy to the ambulance. We just recently learned who these angels are. For the professional care from the EMT staff, Dr. Robert Breffeilh and the Bartlett Hospital staff, the Medevac staff and pilots, Harborview Medical Center surgeons and staff, Hampton Inn staff in Seattle, we thank you. To everyone who touched Kathy and Tim through prayer, positive thoughts, leave donations, cards, flowers, meals and simple acts of kindness everywhere, we are grateful, especially for dear family and friends Michelle, Vicki and Jose, Daisy, Guy and Desiree, Jenifer, Vicki and John, who all came forward to house- and pet-sit on a blink while we were all in Seattle for two weeks.

A special thank you also goes to our closest and extended family and friends, Kathy's former co-workers at Catholic Community Services and Tim's co-workers at the Alaska Legislature and the Juneau Bowling Center for helping wherever it was needed. To the Mendenhall Golf Course, Juneau Golf Association and Rick Rasmussen at Alaska Airlines, Alaska Fudge Co. and Olivia's Restaurant, who helped support a fun and successful barbecue, raffle and benefit golf tournament for Kathy on a gorgeous evening in July, we appreciate you. There are many angels, some we don't even know, who contributed monetary donations to help with medical expenses. Every little act of kindness made a horrific situation a bit less painful.

There have been a lot of huge adjustments for Kathy as she heals from the scars and learns to live with vision with only one eye, but that healing continues. The artificial eye created for her at Erickson Labs in Seattle is a beautiful match. We thank Rebecca Erickson and Amy Wellner for their artistry and expertise.

On the same note, during this holiday season we have so much to be thankful for in our families - especially for our happy, healthy beautiful granddaughter, Kelsie, born to Kathy and Tim on April 25 in Anchorage. We want to show our sincere gratitude to the Valley Medical Care staff, especially Dr. Richard Welling and Dr. Schneider for expert prenatal care, once again, the Medevac staff and the wonderful Providence Hospital medical staff for Kelsie's safe and healthy premature delivery. Near or far, you are all in our thoughts and prayers of thanks and appreciation. We'll do our best to "pay it forward."

Luann and Tim Powers Sr., and Jeff and Trina Jones


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