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Posted: Friday, December 15, 2000

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There's no such thing as an unnecessary Christmas light.

I would like to congratulate and thank the high school music department on another great holiday concert by the orchestras and choirs. It was very enjoyable.

I want to pass on a big thank you to the diligent linemen and technicians at AEL&P who worked long into the night to get our power restored in Bonnie Brae.

What's the point of having verbatim transcripts of mediation meetings? The purpose of mediation is to reach an agreement. If you go into it with the attitude that you're not going to agree with what was said then you've already failed.

Many thanks to Riley Woodford for his great piece, "Windows into Heaven" about Charles Rohrbacher's iconography.

Well, golly, Mr. Farmer, I didn't know I was your enemy just because I'm a conservative. I thought I was a nice guy who happens to hold an opinion different from yours.

There's beautiful ice at the skater's cabin so get your skates out this weekend.

It is good to have Egan Drive done once and for all and even better if someone comes back and cleans up the gravel spills.

When I worked for the Department of Education, our commissioner's office was right near my desk. Why does the governor allow these appointees to live in Anchorage? I thought Juneau was the capital of our state.

Kudos to Bob Shaw at Electronic Adventures in the Mendenhall Mall. He gives a discount on the hourly cost of playing computer games for each "A" a student gets on a report card. It's an incentive for a student to work hard and get good grades. Thanks, Bob.

President Bush won the vote by the system that was in place at the time of the election. It is frightening to know that so many Democrats think it would be OK to change the system after the fact so their candidate could win.

We've got a Republican Congress and now we've got a Republican president and all these liberals in Juneau are upset about it. It's about time this happened. We're going to see some serious changes.

The United States now has a president we didn't elect.

I don't think Al Gore won the national popular vote. If we had a recount across the entire country we could see who really won.

When you have a candidate who uses herds of sleazy lawyers to stall the count so you can't count all the ballots you get a commander-in-thief.

We should order a few thousand tons of cheese to go with all of that Democrat whining.

If we go to popular vote entirely, states like New York, California and Ohio will control the outcome.

It saddens me that some Democrats in Juneau are being such sore losers. We are a country of laws. The Supreme Court is the law of the land.

Bush is so full of himself. I refuse to back someone I don't believe in. Gore in 4!

To all the Democrats: Bush won. Deal with it.

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