Gov. Murkowski is putting common sense to work

Posted: Sunday, December 15, 2002

I would like to thank Gov. Murkowski for his quick decision to restore road maintenance in Alaska to last year's levels. In addition to restoring lost jobs and improving public safety, it gives us pawns one less thing to worry about. When winter does set in, we will be able to get home.

Now that the game is over, I have a suggestion for what DOT can do with the game pieces (signs) that it placed on our roadways. They should be put up on the walls of the DOT bureaucrats who dreamed up this game in the first place. Perhaps it will remind them in the future that their jobs are to serve and help the public, not hinder it.

Once again, thank you Gov. Murkowski for showing us that there is some common sense in the operation and performance of state government.

Dean Nordenson

Auke Bay

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