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Posted: Sunday, December 15, 2002

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"A road out of Juneau means lake fishing at Atlin, golfing in Whitehorse, camping at Takini Hot Springs, access to the White Pass Railroad, going to the SE State Fair, driving to Dawson or Fairbanks on a long weekend, or just getting out of Juneau to find the sun after spending weeks in the rain."

"It seems most Alaskans favor less dependence on the federal government and have rejected a state income tax in favor of reduced state spending. This philosophy, if it's an honest one, would preclude building such a road."

"It is a unique project that would save the state major operating funds."

"Don't build a road - then we can get the Legislature moved to Anchorage!"

"Last spring I was going to Juneau to testify on a piece of legislation. A ticket cost $544! When I went to the gate, I found out the flight was overbooked and I was not be boarding. Fortunately there was a malfunctioning plane in Seattle, which required reassignment of my flight and offloading of the cargo, freeing up another half of the plane for passengers. I made it to Juneau. This is ridiculous! The capital city must be more accessible, and at a price that a citizen can afford!"

"A road out of Juneau would cause great and lasting environmental damage along the highway corridor, ruin the scenery along Lynn Canal, be tremendously expensive to build and maintain (regardless of who footed the bill) ... would clog the streets of Juneau with vacation vehicles during the summer ... would lead to a loss of ferry service between Juneau and Haines and Skagway ... and would do absolutely nothing to quell the persistent efforts to move the capital out of Juneau."

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