Base marriage on law, no religion

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, December 15, 2003

Reading Jackie Woolf's letter on Dec. 12, "Gay lifestyle undermines fabric of society," made me wonder if she knows what country it is that she's living in.

Many people seem to forget one extremely important thing about living in America: the separation of church and state. In America marriage is no longer based solely on religion. If it were it would be illegal for anyone who was atheist or agnostic to wed. The right to wed should be based on fair and just law, not on religious judgment.

I also must bring up the fact that if Jackie had done any research concerning the children of same-sex parents, she would have found that these children are almost no different than any child raised by heterosexual parents. Children of homosexual parents are actually often found to be more loving, accepting and nurturing when compared to children of heterosexual parents (

And if Jackie has ever been to a zoo, she will realize that humans are most definitely not the only animals that practice homosexuality.

Renai Mielke


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