Call limit a disservice

Posted: Monday, December 15, 2008

To all child support recipients that use the "free" debit card provided through Child Support Services Department from Chase Bank, a great disservice has been implemented as of Dec. 1. If you call the customer service line more than four times each month, suddenly, without warning, you will now be charged 40 cents every call.

I believe this is unjust and wrong for the following reasons:

• We had little if any advertisement to warn us of this occurrence. (If I had known about this, I wouldn't have used all four of my December calls on the first day of the month.)

• Since it is an automated teller and not a person, how is the charge justified?

• This is inconvenient to check balances when away from a computer, or for anyone who does not have access to a computer.

• CSSD's Web site states the card is free.

• Child support recipients should have had a chance to declare this as unjust.

• Child support is just that, to support children. The 40-cent charge is the same as stealing from parents, especially those in need.

• The bank decided to start this in December, ironically and inconveniently during the holidays.

• Limiting us to four free calls is not right. Especially when some parents receive more than one payment each month.

• People in the Bush and villages rely on this card because mail is slow and may not get delivered in some cases, so waiting on a check that might not get to them is the only other option. Also, the cost of living for them is high which makes the 40 cents add up.

• The bank should find someone else to take advantage of and collect hidden fees from.

Any child support recipient using this card that agrees with any of these points, I urge you to lodge a complaint to the bank and CSSD.

Gwendolyn Clay


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