Road extension has many public benefits

Posted: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The shareholders, employees and directors of Goldbelt Inc., appreciate the decision and vision of the state to complete the Cascade Point Road extension. The extension will result in several significant public benefits.

First, it will enable Goldbelt to complete a dock facility at Cascade Point from which safer and more reliable transportation across Berners Bay to, and from, the Kensington gold mine can take place.

Second, the construction and operations activity at Cascade Point will create many new jobs for Juneau's population as well as more tax revenues for local government.

Third, the completion of the road extension will result in improved public access to the hiking trails and public lands of the Berners Bay-Echo Cove area.

For additional information, contact Goldbelt Inc.

J. Gary Droubay

President and CEO, Goldbelt Inc.


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