Disputing claims about homosexuality

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Ms. Woolf makes a number of erroneous statements, to put it charitably. Exactly what "benefits" is she alluding to regarding marriage? Is spousal abuse one such benefit? What about incest? Also, where is the evidence regarding pedophilia more clearly documented than recently among members of Christian organizations?

Further, there is no evidence whatsoever that homosexual parents do any damage at all to children they raise. However, there is a great deal of incontrovertible evidence proving the damage that "normal" heterosexual parents have caused their children, natural and adopted.

Further, she is incorrect when she asserts that no other creatures engage in homosexual activities. Humans' nearest genetic relative, the Bonobo (or pygmy chimpanzee), is a prodigiously sexual creature and commonly engages in all manner of sexual interaction imaginable: male-male, female-female and group sex. These behaviors are often associated with nothing in particular other than pleasure. I find it most curious that members of our species see fit to make pronouncements on the relative value and merits of such activities - especially in the name of a religion - when our species is notorious for committing acts of brutality, murder and genocide all for the "glory" of God. Which creatures are shameless?

Jesse Dizard


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