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Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I'm writing this letter in regards to Ione Ackerman's letter titled "Yes, gay marriage is a threat." The letter states that "in order to maintain a healthy, organized society we need to draw the line on many issues and gay marriage is one of them." I beg to differ.

To maintain a healthy society we need to set aside unnecessary hatred that could plague our community. Organizing the community does not mean excluding members of it for personal beliefs. I grew up in Juneau and the wonderful citizens of that town in no way need to be subjected to such blunt hatred for how they choose to live their lives. Juneau is an understanding and kind community; there is no room for bigotry. People are well-entitled to their own beliefs and life practices. Juneau is diverse in that way. Mrs. Ackerman should know this because she follows a very religious lifestyle and in no way am I saying that she should be denied that right. I hate to say it, but not everyone agrees with her religious beliefs. The shock! Yes, shake the Bible in people's faces and preach all you want, but opinion is opinion.

And, yes, not everyone agrees with homosexuality. But it's obvious and sad when certain people warp religion and use it as a veil to preach hatred when deep down, it has nothing to do with religious beliefs. It has to do with dislike for those who are different. I'm sorry to say that Mrs. Ackerman's letter was obviously transparent.

The real thing that struck a nerve was how Ackerman said she had "friends" who are gay and that is was easy to not agree with what they do but "love" them anyway. How dare someone compare their friends to people who practice bestiality and pedophilia! Maybe Ackerman should use that dictionary she referred to and look up the terms "friendship" and "love" to reevaluate her clouded view of their definitions.

Amanda Krafft

Portland, Ore.

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