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Posted: Thursday, December 16, 2004

Juneau is a city with a limited amount of things to do. Something that I enjoy doing, and I know that others do as well, is to ride off-road vehicles (ORV). Without a designated place to ride people will continue to abuse the environment in many different places as opposed to one.

Off-road riders have been denied an ORV park since 1997. We have to have places to ride now and have had them before, but they got closed off (Dredge Lakes), or are too far out of the way (Sheep Creek), and people have received tickets there.

The city or Forest Service do not have to put any money into constructing a park. A park doesn't even have to be constructed. All that is needed is a place where you are allowed to ride and trails will make themselves; jumps can be found.

Personally I don't even keep any kind of ORV in Juneau because there is no place to go. If I were to take an ORV out I would most likely get a ticket. I am confident that an area can be found where the noise that people complain about would not be heard, and the environment will not suffer severely. Such an area has been proposed, some time ago, about a mile up Eaglecrest road. There is a rock pit that had been in many proposals in the past. This area, if opened, would suit the need well, at least for the time being.

I hope that something can be done to help this concern. An ORV area would be a great way to spend free time, and it would be even better for those whose hobbies consist of it.

Blaze Rohloff

Yaakoosge Daakahidi Alternative Option High School

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