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Posted: Thursday, December 16, 2004

In Alaska

• In 1929, the first concrete was poured for what is now the Alaska State Capitol in Juneau.

• In 1947, the Army tanker El Caney, with a crew of 45, was adrift south of the Aleutian Islands in the North Pacific due to a damaged rudder and propeller.

In the nation

• In 1773, the Boston Tea Party took place as American colonists boarded a British ship and dumped more than 300 chests of tea overboard to protest tea taxes.

• In 1950, President Truman proclaimed a national state of emergency in order to fight "Communist imperialism."

• In 1960, 134 people were killed when a United Air Lines DC-8 and a TWA Super Constellation collided over New York City.

In the world

• In 1770, composer Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany.

• In 1809, Napoleon Bonaparte was divorced from the Empress Josephine by an act of the French Senate.

• In 1944, the World War II Battle of the Bulge began as German forces launched a surprise counter-attack against Allied forces in Belgium.

• In 2003, Germany and France, two of the most ardent opponents of the American-led war, agreed to relieve Iraq's debt burden.

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