Mr. Perfect -again

Posted: Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things did not look promising Sunday night as the Sunday Mixed League began warm-ups and bowlers noticed the automatic oiling machine had a slight malfunction, resulting in excess oil on the lanes.

For The Juneau Empire
For The Juneau Empire

This played out true as many bowlers struggled during the first game, and some all night long. However, a good bowler learns how to adapt and a great bowler can overcome any lane condition.

Jeff Jones falls into the great bowler category as he conquered the lanes, rolling a perfect 300 game (all 12 balls strikes), and even extended the string of strikes for four more frames in the next game.

Jones' 300 was the first of the year in the Sunday Mixed League. It was his fourth of the year in all leagues and lifetime 32nd.

"It was tough finding a dry spot so I could get my ball to finish strong," Jones said. "I had to try a few different balls before I found one that would work on the changing lane conditions. Tough night, but good results."

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