Accident victim changes hospitals

Posted: Monday, December 17, 2001

JUNEAU - A 7-year-old accident victim remains in serious condition after being transferred to Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center in Seattle on Sunday. Charlotte Brown is in pediatric intensive care but good spirits, said her uncle Daniel Brown.

She suffered spinal chord and back injuries as well as internal bleeding after she was thrown from a vehicle and subsequently struck by another vehicle Dec. 8 on Egan Drive.

Doctors had Charlotte out of bed and in a wheelchair for several hours last week, Daniel Brown said. Though Charlotte has a long recovery ahead of her, he said her fever finally broke and doctors removed a breathing tube from her left lung.

"Her lungs had been bruised so bad that there was a lot of bleeding," said Daniel Brown. "They still have a breathing tube in the right lung to train it to work on its own again."

Brown said his niece is unable to talk, but has been writing notes to her family. Last week she even "bopped" her head to a song on the radio and scratched on her board an invitation to dance with her father, Daniel Brown said.

"He left the room he was so overwhelmed," Daniel Brown said. "She and her dad used to dance together all the time before the accident."

Charlotte's parents Audrey and Jason Brown are still with her in Seattle. Daniel Brown and the rest of the Brown family are organizing fund-raisers for Charlotte and her family, including a raffle giving away a rattle and a drum donated to the family.

To make a donation, send it care of the account of Audrey Brown, Alaska State Employees Federal Credit Union, Box 21449, Juneau, 99802.

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