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Posted: Monday, December 17, 2001

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Mr. William Dunn, in Word of Mouth, objects to our president referring to "evil ones." I figure an evil one is a person who has done evil. I believe one qualifies as an evil one by murdering millions of Jews or millions of Russians. Indeed, a single drive-by killer qualifies, in my mind, as an evil one. After watching a gloating bin Laden rejoicing over his murder of thousands of Americans, I can't understand why anyone doesn't believe bin Laden easily qualifies as an "evil one."

Jack Cadigan

Thank you to the generous woman who gave her extra ticket to the Dec. 9 matinee of "King Island Christmas" to me. The show was truly amazing and I will pass the light.

Amra Custer

I would like to comment on that ferry captain not waiting five minutes in Sitka to pick up that casket. I myself don't even believe in funerals, but for those that want them, they should have them. That's what the ferry system is for. It is for the people of Alaska. That captain isn't running it at his own pace just for the fun of it. He should have been kind enough to make sure that casket got on there. It's absolutely uncalled for.

Velma Dawson

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