Smoking - or not - is a legal choice

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, December 17, 2003

People seem to forget that tobacco is not an illegal substance. Until it is, people have the right to use it or not as they choose. And private property owners should have the right to allow it or disallow it as they choose. The public can choose whether to patronize those establishments or not.

Everyone knows smoking is a health hazard. It's also a litter producer; so why isn't smoking illegal? Follow the money. The taxes paid on tobacco products fund many of the programs and services you and we enjoy. Do you want your taxes raised to pay for these? Do you want to do without them? Obviously, no one wants to kill this cash cow; they just want to milk it.

Regarding the second-hand smoke theory, the anti-smoking coalition loses a lot of credibility when they carry it to a ridiculous level by inferring someone is in danger if they catch a whiff of smoke from a bar while passing its open door. We are not smokers.

Judy and Rudy Ripley


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