Road will be good for business in Skagway

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I endorse the Juneau Access Road. I have come to this decision because I have gone beyond the rhetoric and the fallacies I was told and once believed. I reviewed the facts and am basing my decision on what I have learned.

I am a small business owner in Skagway and year-round resident. Contrary to what some are espousing, I believe that the majority of our community will only benefit with improved access between Juneau and Skagway. If I need to go to Juneau to get supplies and only have the ferry the cost of taking my vehicle there is prohibitive. This way I can better support other Alaska businesses and not have to purchase materials out of state for expediency or as a cost-saving measure. Freight and delivery is a huge expense for my company, as the inability to quickly receive needed materials results in costly delays for my customers, too.

Some have asked, "Aren't you afraid of competition?" No, I am not. I have been in the business for over 36 years and know that competition is good for all businesses, and it helps ensure better quality and a healthier economy for all. I believe that a road offering better access to our state's capital will bring more opportunity to me and for my business, hopefully allowing my company to employ even more Alaskans.

Residents of Skagway need to take pro-active steps to ensure that we have a profitable and enduring year-round economy. It's been proven that doing what we have been doing or not doing doesn't provide that for our community. In my opinion, the road is a positive action that will bring more opportunities to all in Southeast Alaska.

Bert Bounds


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