Photo: Alaska's poet laureate, circa 1950

Posted: Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Gov. and Mrs. Ernest Gruening (second from right) present a scroll to Alaska's former poet laureate, Carol Beery Davis. Poet laureates were named in Alaska first by the Poetry Society of Alaska, which initiated the honor in 1963, and then by the Alaska State Council on the Arts after 1987.

The last laureate was named in 1995. All the selections were given a stamp of approval by the Alaska Legislature. Davis was one of the founders of the Poetry Society of Alaska. Her works include "Alaska Driftwood," and in 1986, at the age of 95, she wrote a second verse to Alaska's flag song. She described the history of it as near and dear to her heart. In 1964, Davis published a pamphlet, "Alaska's Flag," outlining the history of the flag.

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