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Posted: Wednesday, December 17, 2003

On Oct. 24, 2003, AWARE Inc. held its Take Back the Night march, chili feed and dance as a finale to Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Many people from the community took part in Domestic Violence Awareness month and contributed their time and talents to a number of events. The staff at AWARE would like to thank the following people for their help in highlighting domestic violence month:

Safeway, Bullwinkle's Pizza, Gross Alaska Theater, McDonald's Restaurant and Capital Records, which donated prizes for a children's poster contest, "Home: A Violence Free Zone," for fifth graders in local schools; Diana Stevens from Shotokan Do Karate Club for offering a women's self-defense class at the shelter; Korry Keeker and Masha Herbst with the Juneau Empire for their support through articles highlighting the events and publishing the winners of the poster contest; Caren Robinson and Walter Majoros for speaking so eloquently at the rally on the Capitol steps preceding the Take Back the Night march; George Jefferson and Paul Leslie with the Thane Ore House as well as Joann Hanson, Karin Siebenmorgan and Natalie Powers, who cooked and donated the tasty chili and cornbread for the feed; Betsy Sims, who donated the public address equipment for the dance; local band Dag Nabbit: Adam St. Hillaire, Jason Caputo, Tully Devine and Dale McFarlin, for giving its time and musical talents which kept people dancing; Samra and Tamar Green with Miss Scarlett's for donating balloons, flowers and hours to the event; and DJs Tim Inklebarger and Jenna Dickinson from KBJZ radio for entertaining the crowd during dinner with their eclectic mix of tunes.

Finally, we'd like to thank all the community members who supported AWARE and the cause during this month.

People often ask AWARE staff, "How can you work there, isn't it depressing?" We see many sad things. We hear many tragic stories. But we also get to see something beautiful. We get to see women find a strength they didn't know they had, a bravery they didn't know they were capable of and a sort of grace that comes with healing.

The community is a part of that healing. Every kind word, every dollar, every "how can I help" keeps another woman and child from being hurt, keeps the monster from the door and chases fear and secrecy out of the shadows. Most of all it allows one more woman and child to know that someday they can close their eyes and not be afraid. For that, we thank and celebrate this community.

Saralyn Tabachnick

Executive Director, AWARE

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