Pioneer road's stench reaches Lower 48

Posted: Sunday, December 17, 2006

I was astounded by Wednesday's article on the proposed road out of Juneau in which the roadway would end at the MacKinnon's property and he would make huge profits for himself and the mining company.

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This is supposed to be ethical? It is so fishy you can smell it all the way to Texas.

Last summer, I spent some time in Juneau and have followed closely the debate about the proposed road. The anti-road people resonated strongly with me, but I can certainly understand the pro-road folks point of view.

Now, suddenly, we find out that there was a huge smoke screen over the whole project! So, the real reason was not to help the people of Juneau but underhanded, back-room politics wanting to bring in big bucks for Kensington and John MacKinnon!

These are the same smooth-talking people who want to dump their poisonous tailings in your pristine waters, even with alternative, safer means of disposal. Combine that with the information on the road's end at MacKinnon's property, it Looks like the spotlight is beginning to expose some dark places.

Gail Reaben


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