Business Profile: Cyndi Isaak

Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Title and Firm: Cyndi Isaak is the founder and owner of Cyndi's Cruise and Travel.

Services: Isaak formerly worked for 12 years at Executravel. When that agency closed a year ago, she decided to form her own agency in an office in her Douglas home. Cyndi's Cruise and Travel debuted on April 25 of this year. It serves some of her long-time customers such as the Juneau-Douglas High School swim club. Low overhead allows her to offer low fees.

"We stay really busy here," Isaak said. "I have an office with a separate entry, but most of the work is done over the phone or by e-mail." In the mornings, she has an employee, Katrina Hohmann, to help her, as well as an agent in Portland, Ore., Christy Williamson. Cyndi's is a full-service travel agency that focuses on vacation and group travel as well as corporate travel. She is a member of a consortium,, which allows her to offer special cabin upgrades and perks.

Quotable: "Whenever I do someone's reservations, I become the customer. I dig and dig for the lowest fare, and I get upset if I can't get what I want."

"I have done bereavement fares at midnight," Isaak said. "I will help people after hours when they can't get through to an airline or another agency."

Background: Isaak grew up in New Orleans. When she was 10 years old, her mother, who was born in Juneau, decided to return here to raise her children.

Family: Cyndi's husband Phil works for Ike's Fuel. They have two children, Dorian, 6, and Dakota, 4. Cyndi's mother Debbie and her husband Jay Wahl also live in Juneau.

Contact information: Cyndi's Cruise and Travel is at 415 Fifth St., Douglas. Phone number is 364-3435. Her Web site is\cyndicruiseandtravel. As a free service, you can use this site to book online for flights, hotels and vehicles. She also offers an online travel products store with luggage and guide books. Browse at\cyndi-travel. Her toll free number is (888) 595-7573.

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