Respect parking spaces for disabled

Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I would like to remind all drivers to be especially vigilant about where they park their cars and to take notice of spaces reserved for the disabled. Some parking spaces, such as those at Augustus Brown Swimming Pool, are reserved for their patrons and some will ticket nonpatrons who park there.

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Pool users are asked to register their license plate number with the front desk to prevent the issuance of a ticket. For those who choose to ignore this rule while blocking all disabled access to the pool, please be forewarned that you risk receiving a parking ticket for $110 as one unfortunate young man found out one recent Friday evening.

If the threat of possibly getting a ticket does not stop you, please stop and think how you would feel if you were in a wheelchair, drove (or were driven) down to the pool in your vehicle, and realized that there was no way you could get your wheelchair out of the van and up to the building.

Disabled access parking slots and their adjacent, striped, no-parking zones are in place by law for a reason. They were not made to be convenience spaces for "Oh, I am just stopping here to pick up a group of girls" or to enable people who do not like inclement weather to get as close as possible to an entrance. There is no valid excuse for parking in one unless you have a disabled plate or placard and the person that the plate or placard was issued to is going to be entering or exiting the vehicle.

If you do not have a plate or placard and the person that the plate or placard was issued to is not entering or exiting the vehicle then you are illegally parked - period. If you are legitimately disabled, even temporarily, and do not yet have a placard, you need to ask your doctor to complete the paperwork for you so that you can get one.

Tracy Hansen


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