SEACC's objective is to stop Kensington

Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Now that the fox is in the henhouse, Southeast Alaska Conservation Council is going after all those that support the Kensington Mine. SEACC doesn't care who they step on to shut down Kensington. SEACC's objective is to stop Kensington from operating, and one of the ways they are going to try and do it is by nipping at the heels of those whose businesses support it.

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SEACC's tactic is to bleed Kensington to death in the courts and possibly take those businesses that support Kensington to court if they don't bow down to SEACC'S demands. So don't be surprised if SEACC sues Goldbelt if they don't move the dock facility from Cascade Point to Yankee Cove.

If the fox kills Kensington, after it digests its kill, it will become hungry again and will look for other prey. If the fox doesn't kill Kensington, it will still need to eat, and it will seek out other prey. And that prey will be any future mine or present mine that extracts minerals from the earth. The fox cannot survive if it doesn't eat.

Marc Ormsby


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