City shouldn't allow indiscriminate dumping

Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2007

At about 8:15 p.m. Sunday, as I was leaving my shift at the Department of Health & Social Services, I saw a van of people offloading all their stuff at the Salvation Army.

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I know this is not allowed, so I called the Juneau Police Department. I gave the dispatcher the van description and license plate number.

The dispatcher said the police would not do anything because this was between the business and these people. I asked the dispatcher if that meant if I took my garbage and dumped it on someone else's property, the police would do nothing to stop me. She said she did not know the answer to that.

If the dispatcher told me correctly, then the Juneau Assembly should change this law. A person or business should not have to worry that there's no criminal law preventing someone from dumping on their property. No one should have the right to dump on another's property. It should be a criminal, not civil matter, because only people with deep pockets can then address the issue by taking the dumper to court. The Salvation Army doesn't have deep pockets. Any money it earns should go to those it serves, and not the landfill, lawyers or the courts.

Mark Stopha

North Douglas

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