Hold Palin accountable

Posted: Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hasn't Gov. Sarah Palin, backed by the same political ideologues as President George Bush, put Alaska in the same light? She has ignored subpoenas, possibly perjured herself, and ignored the constitutional protocol for handing over gubernatorial powers to the lieutenant governor when out of state for a prolonged period. Not to mention ethic complaints and turning the office of the governor into a family affair.

She has ignored scientific thought and presented Alaskans as an illiterate people with strange hillbilly accents. She cannot seem to speak complete sentences and her grasp of world affairs is less than my sixth-grade grandson's. She has sold Alaskans short and embarrassed a state who produced Lt. Governor Fran Ulmer.

She has holed up in Wasilla and the satellite office, leaving Juneau out of her extensive travel itinerary for four months. She has not addressed the continuing high gas prices. The exorbitant medical costs of the elderly and uninsured have been ignored. Many medical conditions are genetic and no amount of diet, exercise or web surfing is going to alleviate the need for medical attention and a comprehensive state health plan.

Bush is history and the country is off to a new start. Alaska needs to reign in the governor and hold her accountable. According to the Alaska State Constitution, she must work toward the goals of the platform on which she was elected or be recalled. "The star stays in Juneau," a bridge to Gravina, ethics reform and transparency in government were the basic tenets of her campaign platform as a gubernatorial candidate - not the goals of the far right base of the Republican party.

Her popularity was always a myth in Southeast, reaching a high of 60 percent right after the election and plummeting to 37 percent during the national campaign. But, the most egregious effect she has had on Alaskans is that they are afraid to speak out.

Judith Larochelle


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