Israel needs security

Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2001

One of the sought after fruits in dialogue is that it clarifies positions, which appears to be the case in Lisle Hebert's and my recent exchange of ideas about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

I think that I also can sum up my position fairly briefly, and then, as Lisle says, "pipe down."

Once again Lisle's response was insightful and accurate, although it was also once again structured to amplify Israel's faults and to negate Palestinian's role in the problem.

And also once again ignored the foundational issue of Israel's and the United States' security.

Two clarified points.

One, I'm not quite sure I completely understand Lisle's concern for living on conquered land. There's probably a thousand-fold plus more conquered land in this country than in Israel, but I don't see anyone paying taxes to the queen, or of late up in arms for a new and separate Algonquian or Sioux, etc. nation, which surely would be just as, if not more justifiable. While there no doubt are fanatics within Israel who find pleasure in the expanded borders after the war, it's always been my understanding that the political determination to hold onto the lands is primarily to enhance Israel's much-needed security. Without them, the country would be only nine miles wide at that point. In my opinion that's self-explanatory.

And more importantly we, the United States, are very, very literally a nation at war. Although there's not (yet) been a congressional declaration of war (nor was there for Vietnam, etc.), we would presume our security very much at our peril. I know I don't, I personally fear for our security. This writing is also on the wall. Broadly! Israel, despite its faults, as of course we ourselves have, en masse, is a key ally in a key region in a time of great danger to our nation. Thus my concern to write.

If I am to take Lisle's words at face value, he deems this ally expendable. After all, they only "started in the late '40s".

I don't.

But you know, I may also be a bit biased. Because I most definitely do feel a strong historical and biblical bond to the Star of David.

Jody Liliedahl

Auke Bay

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