Terrorism not justified

Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2001

I am stunned that so many Juneauites are siding with the "anti-Americans" who view us (and Israel) as "infidels" just because we don't happen to share the same religious beliefs!

Anyone who believes that strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up innocent people will earn them honor and praise by Allah is an extremely dangerous group. They are, in no uncertain terms, terrorists!

The present war (united by our coalition) has pledged to "root out" terrorism. Thus, when the Israeli government killed a dangerous and "wanted" Hamas terrorist leader last month, the Palestinian radicals retaliated by horrific suicide bombings, killing and injuring a very large number of teen-agers and young adults. Hardly a justified "tit for tat"!

The bottom line is regardless of "who's occupying whose land," a large percentage of Palestinians are supporters of terrorism and will continue targeting Israeli and American civilians simply because of their religious beliefs. Thank God that Palestine does not occupy Israel's territory as there is "greater strength in numbers" and that's a strength we can do without!

Laurie Tinney


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