Holiday spirit at school

Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2001

I would like to thank the classroom teachers of Auke Bay Elementary School for organizing a short holiday sing-along for the children during the school day on Monday. In this world of "politically and religiously correct," I was moved to see ALL classes, K through 5, singing (and actually knowing the words!) to some old "traditional" favorites. It didn't matter to them what religion or race; they were having a great time. I particularly enjoyed the teachers' rendition of the "Holiday Macarena," with the whole school jumping up and joining in! It has been a long time since the whole school has sung together like that. To me, it was what the holidays mean; whether it be the silent majority or minority, they were celebrating no matter who their neighbor is. The glow on their faces as they left the gym could have melted icicles! After all, my belief (which I know is not the only one) is that it all started with "one little child."

Thank you, teachers, for reminding me what these days are really about.

Julie Flint

Auke Bay

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