Why lobbyists?

Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2001

When our legislators were campaigning for the offices they now hold, they said we should vote for them because they were the best to represent our needs. We have three legislators with a combined staff of seven, giving us 10 people working in the Capitol during the legislative sessions for the benefit of Juneau.

In spite of this, for many years our mayor and Assembly have found it necessary to hire a lobbyist. This seems like our city leaders are admitting that we have elected the wrong people. Now the city has hired a second lobbyist, which means the first lobbyist is not able to do the job, whatever that may be. In most work places, if you cannot perform you are replaced, not given an assistant.

I think the voters of Juneau are due an explanation from our elected officials. First, our mayor needs to tell us why we need a lobbyist, why we need two lobbyists and how much do we pay them. Then our legislators need to tell us exactly what it is that a lobbyist can do for Juneau that they cannot do.

Steven Schlaffman


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