We need another high school

Posted: Thursday, December 19, 2002

As a lifelong learner and educator I am writing to encourage support the building of a second high school in Juneau. One of the most rewarding parts of school for me were the opportunities to participate in things outside of the classroom, sports teams, clubs and other organizations. I grew so much as a person by participating in activities, not to mention the motivation they had on me to do well in school.

In Juneau at this time, with only one high school the opportunities for kids is low. Only 15 boys make the basketball team, same for the girls. Imagine, with another high school, 30 more kids could take advantage of playing basketball, and in turn engage with school. Add that to all the other sports and the numbers of kids that could get involved are staggering. With another high school would come another yearbook staff, another newspaper staff, more opportunities to join and become an active member of clubs - again, more chances to connect with adults, students and the school.

Working at colleges most of my life opened my eyes to how important high school is in the infancy of developing positive leaders. Students that come to college with leadership experiences with clubs, organizations and sports are usually more successful in their post-secondary endeavors. Please give the students of Juneau the opportunities they need to be successful in college and after.

My husband and I do not have children of our own, but know that all the children in this town are important. We must give them the best opportunities possible. Another high school is not a waste of money, or something extravagant; rather, another school would benefit all the members of our community. Our kids deserve the better than they are getting at this time.

Timi C. Tullis


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