Homosexuality not exclusive to humans

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, December 19, 2003

In response to Jackie Woolf's letter to the editor on Dec. 12 ("Gay lifestyle undermines fabric of society"), I feel the need to provide some accurate scientific information to Ms. Woolf and the public. Usually I refrain from responding to, or being bothered by, letters filled with such ignorance as Ms. Woolf's. However, my personality is one that leaves me with a burning desire to speak the truth and help to educate those whose fear and hatred of that which they do not understand leads ultimately to harm and violence against innocent citizens.

First of all, I'd like to remind Ms. Woolf that the issue at hand which has caused such angry and hostile responses such as your own is that regarding the City and Borough of Juneau's health insurance policy. I'm sure you must have similar battles to fight in Moscow, Idaho. Since this matter doesn't affect you directly, please keep your ignorance and hatred in your own community - we have enough to go around here already.

Secondly, your scientific information about "God's creatures" is completely misinformed and inaccurate. All species of mammals have individuals in their "societies" that practice homosexual behavior. And further - and you may find this incredibly interesting and thought provoking like I did - the larger the brain of the mammal, the more homosexual behavior there is found in the species. Isn't that fascinating? So, sorry to burst your bubble and inform you that "man" is not the only one of God's creatures that exhibits homosexual relationships. But we do have one of the largest brains - food for thought?

Karen Wood


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