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Thank you letter

Posted: Friday, December 19, 2003

On behalf of the 371 individuals who enjoyed a great Thanksgiving Day dinner, we of the Salvation Army Juneau would like to say thank you to the following families, groups and individuals who helped cook, carve turkeys, serve in the food line, cut and serve pie, set up and clean off tables, wash dishes, sweep floors and a myriad of other duties not mentioned: Murray Damatio and the Hanger on the Warf crew, Shorty Tonsgaard and Channel Construction, Dick Hand and Alaska Seafood, the Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary, the Salvation Army Advisory Board, David Lawrence, Maryallen Lewis, Cathy Munoz, Peggy Garrison, Chris Kennedy, Brook Mansfield, Victoria Godkin, Frank Belough, Curt Isack, Fiona Stewart-Campbell, Carol Pitts, Sheila Pitts, Paula Scavera, Steve Haavq, Curtis Traggo, Amber Ployhar, Pat Park-Fisher, David Strouth, Pamela and Robert Van Cleave, Allen Pitts, Robby Van Cleave, Don and Gel Shira, Marsha Bennett, Mary Lou Spartz, Maria and Ibn Baily, Jeannie Lee, Kelly George, Dewey George, Percy Martin, Jean Clayton, Leona Pontious, Anne McRean, Bryan Wilson, Janie Likins, Lora Martin, Ann-Marie Martin, John Kern, Julianne Truk, Renee Guerin, Chloe and Dennis Watson, Heidi Reichl, Katy Harmon, Bertha Horton, Wilma Kirkpatrick, Rosa Payne, Gayle Collins, Nikka Chapman, Heather Collins, Terry and Dee Brenner, Romey Edenshaw, Lisa DeWitt-Narino, Mike DeWitt, Myra Gilliam, Harriet H. Roberts, Mark Olson, Sukey Pfirman, Tim Strand, Nat Alton and anyone else who didn't sign in or wished to remain anonymous.

The Salvation Army Juneau

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