Go south if you want bridges

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, December 19, 2005

Sen. Ted Stevens,R-Alaska, threatens the U.S. Senate and American citizens if the proposed bridge projects didn't get funded, he would resign. Well? The bridge to nowhere in Ketchikan and the Anchorage Bridge are not going to be built. So, when is he going to resign?

Stevens is dead wrong about these pork-barrel projects. Ketchikan doesn't need a bridge to Gravina Island via Pennock Island. Fifteen families or more actually live on Gravina Island. The proposed bridge in Ketchikan is a national joke for a reason. Three-hundred-fifteen million dollars of American (transportation) tax dollars being wasted on a bridge for a few opulent people can drive over to their properties on Pennock and Gravina Island. It is a ludicrous idea to waste that money that can be better spent in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida hurricane victims to rebuild their bridges and roads. As a taxpayer, that is where I want my taxes to go to help hurricane victims who don't have jobs and homes.

Some citizens in Ketchikan are going to try or launch a "Save Our Bridge" public relations blitz. What a waste of time, effort and taxpayer dollars, trying to convince Railbelt State Legislators it's not a "bridge to nowhere." It is the fault of the local leadership and a few citizens in Ketchikan that should be blamed for their funding priorities. They should have been asking for funds to clean up the drinking water that is causing cancer in all Ketchikan residents or plan a hard link to British Columbia to get to the lower 48 to open up economic development. Look at all the money the local governments and state of Alaska wasted millions trying to ram a bridge down your throats. Who is accountable for that tax money wasted? Stupid minds, comes stupid ideas is my theory.

What I don't understand is why Congress is allowing the funding of $452 million dollars for the two bridges to stay in Alaska as long as the money doesn't get spent on bridges? I thought we are supposed to trim the fat from the pork barrel spending in the transportation bill?

In closing, don't waste anymore of our tax dollars to worthless projects like a bridge to nowhere. If your so steadfast to drive over a bridge? There are plenty of bridges in the Lower 48 you can drive over all you want. Drive over bridges all day long if you want too. This is my own indigenous opinion.

Don Hoff Jr., aka Aan Kadax Tseen

Former vice mayor, City of Ketchikan

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