Democracy requires tolerance, not blame

Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2007

David Fremming wonders how we have a system which allows an organization such as Southeast Alaska Conservation Council to "assume power" (Dec. 17), and blames our system for "allowing it."

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I'd like to explain some things for Fremming if I may. SEACC's only power is derived from the energetic and active participation of those who support the group's ideals and goals - and who are a very significant number of Southeast Alaska's residents.

Our system is called a "Democracy," which among other things is based upon public participation and freedom of speech. The active support of SEACC members provides the energy and impetus for SEACC's "standing" Fremming so bitterly decries.

Fremming has a long history of urging that those he disagrees with be silenced - sort of a banning of freedom of speech - and definitely not democracy.

Being a member of a democracy means the tolerance of voices not in agreement with your own.

Erik Lie-Nielsen


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