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Posted: Wednesday, December 20, 2000

... for safety awareness

Walk to School Day was held in Juneau during the last week of October. This event is dedicated to walking to school with a purpose - to promote physical activity, safe routes to school and pedestrian safety. Over 300 parents completed a Walking Checklist form as they joined their child on a walk to school or a walk to the bus stop.

Parents of Juneau elementary school students are most concerned about the following pedestrian issues: sidewalks cleared of snow and ice; traffic too fast or reckless; and sidewalks inadequate or not present. The findings from the checklist forms have been summarized for each elementary school and a written report about the event is available by calling 465-4170.

The Walk event was promoted by the Juneau SAFE KIDS Coalition with the support of the Juneau School District, Juneau Police Department, Take Heart Alaska Coalition, Alaska Highway Safety Office, Division of Public Health and SEARHC. Thanks to the following individuals who helped promote Walk to School Day in Juneau: Justine Muench, Kim Martin, Robert Laurie, Garry Lowry, Kevin O'Sullivan, Maria Bailey, Dave Newton, Kelly Petersen, Kathi Riemer, Kathleen Lyden, Janet Capito, Bernie Sorenson, Barb Prindle, Betty Stidolph, Carmen Katasse, Heather Drapeaux, Cathy Cuenin, Bob Dye, Cyndi Gulyas, Chris Erickson, Diana Gifford, Marcia Ballard, Kathy Reiderer, Chris Burke, Greg Drake, Kris Sell, Kevin Fermin, Paul Comolli and Chris Gifford.

Be Safe, Be Seen - add reflective material to your coat and backpack.

David Thomson, Coordinator

Juneau SAFE KIDS Coalition

... for performance assistance

So many people helped bring "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" to Juneau. Thank you all. Special thanks to Toby Clark's classes and an extra special thanks to Susan Horst and her choir. These kids went out and sold tickets on a volunteer basis. You guys are the best.

Tim Kelly

... for decorating

The Douglas 4th of July Committee wishes to thank the following:

Douglas Community United Methodist Church and Pastor Ronald Covey for use of their tree and allowing an outside power source to be installed on the building.

The Douglas Volunteer Fire Department for stringing the lights and hooking up the tree. Douglas Electric and John Walsh for use of a boom truck.

To Mayor Sally Smith for turning on the lights.

Girl Scouts, Troop 4 Brownies and Daisys for the hot chocolate and songs. Douglas Pack 10 Cub Scouts, A.J. Althea and the Douglas Youth Drama Club for singing and leading us in songs.

A special thank you to residents and businesses along Third Street and other streets for decorating with lights. Douglas looks so festive this year.

Susanne Williams

Community Tree Project

... for ATI support

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank all the people who have contributes to the overall success of the Alaskan Teen Institute Program. The retreats, focused on helping high school students achieve healthier lifestyles, simply could not happen without the dedication of the people who volunteer their time and energy.

ATI I was held from Nov. 16 to 18 at the Chapel by the Lake for freshman students who are part of the CHOICE program. The overall goal of the retreat was to educate the students about drugs and alcohol and how they can make healthy choices and stay abstinent. I would like to thank these students for participating and completing the retreat. I would also like to thank the adult facilitators: Leslie Kupper, Jesuit Volunteer; Ish Hope and Matt Braverman, both AmeriCorps Volunteers; Tanya Roust, former SSRM student; and Quammie from the BASE program at Juneau-Douglas High School. I would also like to thank the student facilitators: Emily Steadmen, Jamie Wenz, Kalei Kurbow and Danny Byers. The presenters that I would like to give a warm thank you to are: Andy Lee from JYC; Sarah Paddock; Ed Linsel from SHANTI; Ruthie Simpson from JDHS; Katie Day from SEARHC; and Oliver Luettegnau and Rebekka Armstrong from SHANTI. The panel members that deserve a heartfelt thanks are Shawn Godkin, Desiree' Bennett, Bobby Winn, Joe Holbert and Ish Hope. Thank you for sharing and helping to make a difference. Lastly, thanks to Kelly Hopson, JDHS counselor, and Barbara Bonner and Mark Roshy, JDHS CHOICE teachers. Your support for your students makes a big difference. Thank you to the Chapel by the Lake for letting us use your facilities.

ATI V was held on Nov. 30 to Dec. 2 at the Chapel by the Lake for the junior CHOICE students. This was a very important retreat, mostly because it was the last retreat for this class. They have been attending retreats for the past three years. The overall goal was to have the students analyze their own use, and in doing so give them healthy options for leading a healthier lifestyle away from drugs and alcohol. I first want to thank the students for making this retreat successful and having the enthusiasm to participate and take risks. The adult staff that deserve a great big thank you are: Louise Cornwall, Catholic Community Services; Leslie Kupper and Amy Fassold, volunteers at the Mediation Center in the high school; Jonathan Burkholder, Auke Bay Bible Church; Aldwin Harder, JDHS; and Aaron Brower, SAGA. I would also thank the student facilitators for their dedication. The students involved were Chris Lee, Becky Marshall, Justin Parish, Elizabeth Price and Melissa Cortes. The speakers and presenters who deserve a special thanks are Deana Darnell, Ruthie Simpson, Valerie O'Hare, Ish Hope, Joe Holbert, Melanie Rodriguez and Bobby Winn. We appreciate your willingness to share personal stories and information with us. Lastly, I want to thank the school staff, Kelly Hopson, JDHS counselor and Barbara Bonner and Laury Scandling, the CHOICE teachers, for helping to implement this retreat. Your efforts are important and appreciated. Thank you again to the Chapel by the Lake for the use of the facilities.

These retreats could not happen if we did not all come together. Happy holidays to everyone and if you want to help in making a difference in the life of a young person, don't hesitate to call the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence at 463-3755. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to volunteer.

Danielle Marco

VISTA Volunteer

... for holiday decorations

This is to give recognition and a big thank you to Charlotte Heard and family for decorating our big spruce tree on the beach in Auke Bay. We provided the tree, lights and power, but Charlotte did all the work.

Merry Christmas everybody, and happy Hanukkah.

Alice and Leo Jones


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