Not right to deny access to the public


Posted: Wednesday, December 20, 2000

At last. Your paper's recent article confirmed the identity of "the Grinch."

In identifying Mr. Tonsgard as the one responsible for trying to deny long established public access to the public lands at Eagle River, we can now direct our thoughts about his illegal and offensive gate across the "Eagle River road" to the proper place.

Who does this guy think he is?

That road was built with public funds, and maintained for public access for more than the last 50 years. Not for Mr. Tonsgard and his new landholdings.

I believe Mr. Tonsgard has every right to "post" his property, cut trees on it, or turn it into a big gravel pit if he so chooses. But he has no right to deny public access to the Eagle River beach and trail head.

As for his argument that he intends to build his house there, does that argument make any more sense when my family built houses on 3rd St., 11th St. or Pioneer Ave. over the last 100 years? Maybe we should've blocked off those streets to his trucks, and the public, because those vehicles drove by our houses? Ridiculous.

Hooray for the state of Alaska. I hope they get their requested injunctions.

I am certainly sorry if some citizens have been rude to Mr. Tonsgard.

And perhaps Mr. Tonsgard will better direct his energies toward cleaning up his junk pile on Channel Drive instead.

Wayne Fleek


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