Demand a refund


Posted: Wednesday, December 20, 2000

What do you call a professional mediator who has to blame laws that provide for open government, and challenge the integrity of a citizens' group involved in an issue to be addressed in the mediation process, while criticizing a routine decision of the U.S. Forest Service, for a failed attempt to bring business and public interest principles together as contracted to do?

The answer is "a fraud."

All parties in the failed flight-noise talks should be mightily indignant about the high-handed way Triangle Associates charged into Juneau, and without recognizing the consequences of misreading Sunshine laws of our state, then led business and public members down the primrose path grousing over "ground rules" to such a humiliating public failure.

The government entities that paid for this travesty, if they have so much as a shred of integrity, should be demanding the public's money back from these pikers.

Donn Liston


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