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Posted: Friday, December 20, 2002

As a longtime advocate for a Juneau road that would connect Southeast Alaska to the rest of the state, please count me as a citizen who agrees with the new governor's support for a Juneau road. I feel that, as our leader, he is on a responsible course because he includes the road as a part of his vision for the future of the state of Alaska.

We should not forget that "vision" is the main ingredient for any human progress. Without someone's vision we would not have such extraordinary phenomena as the Panama Canal, the Hoover Dam, the state of Nevada (built from a vast desert wasteland), the Alcan Highway (built under extreme conditions), and even our own oil pipeline. Visions inspire us to think in atypical ways to prepare for the future. Without vision, our world would be stagnant.

Even though a road for Juneau and Southeast Alaska might be a small step in the overall scheme things for our state's future, it is a vital step toward connecting the communities of our state. Alaska desperately needs to use every means possible to promote unity, prosperity and stability for all of its people.

Rosalee T. Walker


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