Locals also avoid farmed salmon

Posted: Friday, December 20, 2002

Thank you for featuring a front page story on the farmed versus wild salmon controversy.

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'Farmed and Dangerous' urges boycott of farmed salmon

I am glad there are chefs and restaurants in the Pacific Northwest that have made a commitment to serve only wild salmon, and not serve salmon at all if what can be purchased is farmed. The quality of wild salmon, especially from Alaska waters, is known by chefs and quality-conscious restaurateurs to be the finest available in the world.

Why do you not run a story on the local restaurants that have made this commitment many years ago? The Breakwater Inn, long noted for its local seafood offerings, has refused to purchase farmed salmon for years, even though the farmed product is significantly cheaper, available fresh year round and attractively packaged.

Our reasons have had little to do with the environmental and health issues raised in your article, although as they surface we are feeling like we were ahead of the curve. Our position has been to support the local fishers and their families and to do our part to support an industry of importance to Southeast Alaska communities, as well as the rest of the state. Our guests for years have been able to dine on the best local seafood while looking down on some of the fishing vessels that provided the salmon and halibut being served. We are proud of our commitment here in Juneau, and salute the chefs and restaurants in the Northwest who feel the same way.

Michael R. Allen

General manager Breakwater Inn Inc.


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