Alaskans show respect for wolves

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, December 20, 2004

I held a howl-in outside the Capitol on Thursday. It was hard to tell what was howling harder - the wolf recording or the wind. Unfortunately, my event was cut short due to the weather. What was truly amazing, however, was the number of people who came to sign a postcard.

They walked through driving rain, howling wind, and chilly temps to show their support for Friends of Animals and Alaska's wolves.

What a metaphor. Gov. Murkowski's administration is creating a wind of fallacies, and a flood of half-truths about the state of the moose populations in Alaska. But Alaskans aren't buying it. They are staying their original course and doing whatever it takes to prove their distrust and anger with the wolf-reduction program.

Although I only stayed for two hours, the support was amazing. As Alaskans, we all need to band together to weather this storm and see to it that our wolves remain protected and respected.

Scott Moran

Friends of Animals

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