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Posted: Wednesday, December 21, 2005

E-mail to troops

Recently the son of a dear friend was critically wounded in Iraq. While waiting to hear on his condition, I checked Web sites to find out how I could support the troops. My friend Carol heard Chuck Colson give this Web site: I found two others: and "e-mom." All sites have the capability to send e-mail messages to the troops. When you read the letters from our soldiers, they request basic items: personal hygeine items such as toothbrushes and deoderant; magazines, books, assorted greeting cards, blankets, black socks, gloves, hats, snacks such as beef jerky, power bars, peanuts, slim jims; and stamps.

However, most sites ask for mail from home. Regular cards and letters are 37 cents. If packages are sent, there are forms to be filled out at the post office. If you use the priority mail boxes from the post office, postage is a flat rate, and you may fill the box to the max. reviews what is prohibited to be sent. This site is updated regularly. I found three Alaska units on this site. Holiday greeting cards need to be sent out this week. If you have need of a computer, the library has them available. Perhaps your child's class could make cards to send?

Barbara Lewis


Pole would like Juneau postcards

Jerzy Matuszczak of Krakow, Poland, collects blank postcards. His collection includes more than 35,000 postcards from over 176 countries. He hopes to have the world's biggest collection.

He would like blank postcards with views of Juneau.

Send postcards to: 31-462 Krakow, UI.Pilotow 22/21, Poland.

Award for brewers

The Alaskan Brewing Company was awarded SHARP designation on Dec. 9 at a ceremony held during the company's quarterly safety meeting for all staff. Presenting the award were Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development Commissioner Greg O'Claray and Division of Labor Standards and Safety Director Grey Mitchell.

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