Families will suffer if Kensington closes

Posted: Friday, December 21, 2007

I have to agree with Marc Ormsby (Dec.18). I have lived in Alaska only 5 short months and already I have come to learn that Southeast Alaska Conservation Council controls my future. In all fact and actuality, SEACC will be in control of many families' futures if left unchecked. My husband was lucky enough to find employment with Coeur Alaska at the Kensington Mine. We moved up here with our daughter in late September. The schools were far better and the university is right here in Juneau for her to continue her education to become a teacher. This was our dream.

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Alaska. I don't think SEACC realizes just how they can destroy a family's life with their politics. If indeed they succeed at shutting down Kensington there will be many families, like mine, that are no longer able to afford to live in Juneau. If families like mine are forced by these SEACC members to move, what happens to Juneau business? What happens to Juneau as the state capital? Lacking mines and business relates directly to Juneau not being the capital.

There are more than 400 families who directly live by working at Kensington. Local families who shop here in Juneau. Local families who rent or buy real estate in Juneau. Local families who wanted a better education for their children. If SEACC succeeds in this venture to shut down Kensington, who is next? Greens Creek Mine? What about those 1,200 plus families? How will that impact our community?

Where I come from, SEACC is a brush fire gone wild, nothing more. I think it is time to call in the firefighters to control this little brush fire and return Juneau to the working class people. After all, Juneau was built on the sweat of blue collar people, and then came people like the members of SEACC to feed off of our hard work. When Juneau is just a ghost town, because of SEACC, where will SEACC go next? Anchorage? Fairbanks? Most likely one of those, because that is where our capital will be.

I am a proud wife of a Coeur Alaska employee and Coeur Alaska and Kensington had no involvement with this editorial. It was written without their knowledge. These are my opinions as a member of the community of Juneau, a mother, and a concerned citizen.

Danyell Myers


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