Piles of dead deer turning up near Sitka

Posted: Monday, December 21, 2009

SITKA - Investigators are trying to figure out who's been killing deer near Sitka, then leaving them to waste with much edible meat left on the carcasses.

Ten Sitka black tail deer have been piled up on remote roads in recent days. Authorites say choice cuts of meat were removed, but much remained.

Six deer were found in one pile off Green Lake Road last Friday, and four more were found Wednesday by a woman walking her dog off Harbor Mountain Road. Phil Mooney, a state wildlife biologist, said the woman noticed a congregation of eagles and ravens picking at the snow-dusted carcasses.

Alaska Wildlife Troopers say they think the kill sites are the work of two different groups. Mooney said similar cases have popped up before in years with plentiful deer, but recent hard winters have taken a toll on the population.

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