MacKinnon best for city

Posted: Sunday, December 22, 2002

It was very discouraging to hear that on a 5-4 Juneau Assembly vote John MacKinnon was eliminated from consideration for permanent city manager.

Most people in town know John MacKinnon is the best person for the job. As a successful business owner and builder he is a proven commodity. John has a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding our city government. The people of Juneau have shown their faith and support in John by electing him three times for consecutive terms as their Assembly member and deputy mayor. Through the election process the citizens have mandated John MacKinnon as one of their choices as a leader. As quoted, he is doing an "exemplary" job as interim city manager.

If the Assembly is truly listening to the majority of the people it will find a way to keep John as permanent city manager. There is no need to continue on this reactive, non-active path. We don't need to go outside to find a city manager. We have wasted enough time and money already.

John MacKinnon is from a longstanding pioneer family. He won't be leaving because of the weather. It never should have come to this. You can bet your boots he won't be on the job market long. It will be Juneau's loss, again.

T. Kelly Corrigan


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