Thanks for saving Fireweed Place

Posted: Sunday, December 22, 2002

The AARP Mount Juneau Chapter 865 would like to congratulate and thank the Alaska Housing Finance Corp. and the Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority on their collaborative efforts that have resulted in a viable solution to the problems of Fireweed Place. This is an outstanding example of agencies working together to find solutions that benefit the people that they serve, something that we do not see too often these days.

The aforementioned agencies have demonstrated that it is possible for agencies to pool their efforts, resources, and ideas in order to reach sensible, efficient and effective solutions to "people problems." These agencies have shown a real commitment to our senior population, and we really do appreciate it. We are truly grateful to everyone who was involved.

All agencies that seek to solve "people problems," not political problems, should take note. Agency collaboration is the key.

Rosalee T. Walker

President, AARP Chapter 865


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