Saddened over Palin's actions on benefits

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, December 22, 2006

How sad that our governor chose to demonstrate her lack of support for equal protection during this holiday season. It cast a pall on my week knowing that Gov. Sarah Palin could not put aside her conservative beliefs and embrace the idea of equal rights for all during Christmas week. But rather, Palin chose to "reluctantly" comply with the Alaska Supreme Court order to provide same-sex partners of state employees with the same health benefits enjoyed by married couples.

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Adding insult to injury, Palin signed legislation to allow an April statewide advisory vote asking voters for their opinion on same-sex benefits. The special election will cost $1.2 million general fund dollars on a ballot question that will divide Alaska on an issue that should bring us together: health insurance.

All Alaskans should have health insurance, and a truly caring governor would try and expand coverage whenever she has a chance. She should not seek to divide us by supporting health care for some and not for others.

What a shame.

Kimberly L. Metcalfe


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