Request from Native mothers

Posted: Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I’ve heard a lot of Alaska Native mothers say they want the tribal, state, and federal governments to bring their kids home from Arizona. Their kids are in Florence Prison, too far away to visit. Most of the Native mothers cannot afford to go down there, so they want a prison built in Alaska. For a couple of years now, I’ve heard Native mothers asking tribal leaders and state representatives to make it happen.

I’m sure all mothers can understand these mothers’ right to see their kids. I once heard it said, “A mother is the greatest gift God gives to a child.” So I am seeking the humanity of constituents and asking you to contact Gov. Sean Parnell, state legislators and U.S. Congressmen and women to build a prison up here or make room for the Native men in Florence in the current prisons.

I, myself, know the value of a mother. Five years ago someone came into my life and showed me what a mother was supposed to be. I am forever thankful to this person and now have new memories to cherish forever. No matter what sorrow or anguish I go through in the future, I’ll smile when I think of them.

I’m advocating this issue partly for her, she is Alaska Native, and though has nothing to do with this issue, I draw upon my own example to prove my credibility on the issue.

A mother is what the state of Alaska is depriving of the Native men in Arizona. You know what’s right, don’t listen to order and structure for once, and listen to your heart. Grant the Native mothers’ request. They just want to see their kids.

Matt Gilbert

Arctic Village

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